Ulysses at Random


67 (U403.1816)




 (General commotion and compassion. Women faint. A wealthy American makes a street collection for Bloom. Gold and silver coins, blank cheques, banknotes, jewels, treasury bonds, maturing bills of exchange, I. O. U’s, wedding rings, watchchains, lockets, necklaces and bracelets are rapidly collected.)


 BLOOM: O, I so want to be a mother.


 MRS THORNTON: (In nursetender’s gown.) Embrace me tight, dear. You’ll be soon over it. Tight, dear.

















①金貨と銀貨 “Gold and silver coins” と 紙幣 “banknotes”



He brought out of his coat a pocketbook bound by a leather thong. It slapped open and he took from it two notes, one of joined halves, and laid them carefully on the table.

—Two, he said, strapping and stowing his pocketbook away.


 A sovereign fell, bright and new, on the soft pile of the tablecloth.


He shot from it two crowns and two shillings.

—Three twelve, he said. I think you’ll find that’s right.

—Thank you, sir, Stephen said, gathering the money together with shy haste and putting it all in a pocket of his trousers.


②白地の小切手 “blank cheques”



He entered Davy Byrne’s. Moral pub. He doesn’t chat. Stands a drink now and then. But in leapyear once in four. Cashed a cheque for me once. (U140.733)


③宝石 “jewels"



Old Russell with a smeared shammy rag burnished again his gem, turned it and held it at the point of his Moses’ beard. Grandfather ape gloating on a stolen hoard. (U198.812)


国債  “treasury bonds”



certificate of possession of £ 900, Canadian 4% (inscribed) government stock (free of stamp duty):   (U194.1065)



⑤満期の手形  “maturing bills of exchange”



  (Reuben J Antichrist, wandering jew, a clutching hand open on his spine, stumps forward. Across his loins is slung a pilgrim’s wallet from which protrude promissory notes and dishonoured bills.   (U415.2147)


⑥借用証書 ”I. O. U.”

I owe youの音でI.O.U.は借用書の意。第9章。スティーヴンはジョージ・ラッセル(筆名AE)に1ポンド借りている。


I, I and I. I.




⑦結婚指輪 “wedding rings”



 (The door opens. Bella Cohen, a massive whoremistress, enters. She is dressed in a threequarter ivory gown, fringed round the hem with tasselled selvedge, and cools herself flirting a black horn fan like Minnie Hauck in Carmen. On her left hand are wedding and keeper rings.    (U429.2745)


⑧懐中時計の鎖 ”watchchains”



So over she went and when he saw her coming she could see him take his hand out of his pocket, getting nervous, and beginning to play with his watchchain, looking up at the church.  (U236.539)



⑨ロケット “lockets”



With these words he approached the goblet to his lips, took a complacent draught of the cordial, slicked his hair and, opening his bosom, out popped a locket that hung from a silk riband, that very picture which he had cherished ever since her hand had wrote therein.  (U331.754)


⑩ネックレス ”necklaces”



Only five she was then. No, wait: four. I gave her the amberoid necklace she broke.



⑪ブレスレッド ”bracelets”



 (The night hours, one by one, steal to the last place. Morning, noon and twilight hours retreat before them. They are masked, with daggered hair and bracelets of dull bells. Weary they curchycurchy under veils.)  


 THE BRACELETS: Heigho! Heigho!









Uniforms for the nurses at St George's Hospital, ca. 1892

File:St. George's Hospital Nurses Wellcome L0060863.jpg - Wikimedia Commons